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gibault joint for steel pipe

gibault joint for steel pipe

Item : gibault joint for steel pipe

Details :

Details :

Gibault joint is a coupling designd to supply a efficiency and economical connecting method for steel pipe, 
And it is a ideal way for re-connecting pipe after removal of the damaged steel pipe or for Connecting the 
two pipe into pipeline.

The body is made by ductile iron material, The gasket is EPDM material for drinkable water or NBR material
for oil/industrial pipe line. 

The surface with fusion bond epoxy or polyesrter coating which is suitable for drinkable water
The fastener is carbon steel galvanzie

OD of pipe weight
60.3 2.6
76.3 3.8
89.1 4.5
114.3 5.6
139.8 9
168.3 12.5
219.1 18.4
273.1 22
323.9 28
355.6 34
406.4 39
457.2 46
508 59
609.6 68

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