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Ductile Iron Self-restrained Pipe

Ductile Iron Self-restrained Pipe

Item : Self-restrained Pipe

Details :

Ductile Iron Self-restrained Pipe 
1) Standard: ISO2531, BS EN545 or EN598
2) Material: ductile iron
3) Inner cement: Ordinary Portland Cement according to ISO4179, Sulphate Resistant Cement or High Alumina Cement Mortar Lining
4) Outside coating: Zinc coating(≥130/m2) and bitumen paiting or epoxy paiting(≥70μm) according to ISO8179
5)Quality Control:Metal-graphic examination;Spectrum Analysis;Hardness Test;Tensile Test;Crush Test.
6) Size Range: DN80- DN2600
7) Length: 5.7m or 6m
8) Joint type: self-restrained joint
9) High strength ,lighter than cast iron,good corrosion resistance,no furring,small flow resistance,easy fixing,long life time
10) Testing: Factory inspection report, SGS inspection and the third inspection party;
11) Class Option:  K12, K9, K8, K7
12)Packing:DN80-DN300 in bundles; DN350-DN2600: in bulk ship
13) Gasket: EPDM or SBR
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